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Jason Dill (or just Dill for short) is a professional skateboarder, model and founder of the clothing line "Fucking Awesome" Dill is also very good friends with Jack Osbourne.

Role in The Osbournes

Dill regularly makes appearances with Jack and Kelly Osbourne during their escapades, he appeared mainly in the background in most episodes, however he has some memorable moments. Dill sometimes acts quite arrogant and sometimes acts cocky, however he is also shown as respectable and defensive towards his friends.

Memorable Moments

In Series 1, Dill had an episode dedicated solely to him that being the episode No Vacancy. After splitting up from his girlfriend, Dill stayed over with Jack and his family for a few days. The few days start getting into weeks causing Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne to get annoyed, Sharon tries to scare him away by attempting to urinate into his beer bottle. Dill eventually leaves after Jack tells him that they need "family time". Dill continues to make appearances here and there in the background of the show.

In Series 2, Dill was the centre of another episode Meow Means No! where he returned to stay with the Osbournes, to Ozzy's annoyance. Dill also appeared later on at Kelly's birthday party in Vegas where he, Jack and some other friends decide to go to the bar and pick up ladies behind the parent's backs. As the group are ready to leave, Dill is distracted and ends up being over forty minutes late, luckily they still manage to get on the plane.

After this Dill's appearances were officially reduced to small cameos in the background, this was because he moved back to New York, despite this Kelly and Jack still met up with him and had contact.

Dill is mentioned in 2018 podcast with Kelly stating that they're still good friends. There was even a plan to have Dill as a guest star but this never came to be for unknown reasons.


  • Before filming for The Osbournes, Jason Dill was in fact caught up in the 9/11 attacks, though wasn't in severe danger. [1]
  • Jason, aside from Marilyn Manson, is one of Jack's oldest friends in terms of age.