Lozt in Translation is the eighth episode of the fourth and final series of The Osbournes. It originally aired on March 7, 2005.

Summery Edit

The family travels to Japan, where Ozzy is to receive the Legend Award at the Video Music Awards. Kelly also makes several personal appearances. One of the employees, Sam, meets with some family members whom he hasn't seen in years, but can only communicate with them through a translator.

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Memorable Quotes Edit

"I've been condemned to death by a pair of barks."
— Ozzy Osbourne
"I'm not going to countries without good food."
— Ozzy Osbourne
"I used to be (happy) when I used to drink."
— Ozzy Osbourne
"I really smell, y'know and I've got bad B.O. I don't want to get it on the dress."
— Kelly Osbourne
"Will you take care of Minnie? She needs attention and I'm not going to be here."
Sharon Osbourne
"Do you realize how angry the Japanese get when you're late? You don't have to deal with that, I do!"
— Kelly Osbourne
"Even if they do get angry you won't understand what they're yelling at you about."
Jack Osbourne
"I'm nervous, wouldn't you be if you haven't seen family members for your time here?"
— Sam
"This is a good luck charm some one gave me, it's a silver mold of a raccoon's penis."
— Kelly Osbourne
"Minnie and Maggie must be with their mother!"
— Sharon Osbourne
"Where's the fucking history channel, man?!"
— Ozzy Osbourne
"When did you get so tall?"
— Ozzy after seeing Sam's relatives
"Just say "Thank you very much!" to all the people who pay ya."
— Sharon Osbourne
"Thank you very much, now fuck off!"
— Ozzy Osbourne
"Mum! Minnie's waiting to take a shit on the carpet for you!"
— Jack Osbourne
"She ain't going to Heaven."
— Ozzy Osbourne
"Minnie why are you biting your mother? Stupid fucking dog!"
— Sharon Osbourne

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