Lucas Varga is the infant son of Melinda Varga. Lucas only appeared in Series 4 as he was born during Series 3.

Role in The Osbournes Edit

Melinda was pregnant with Lucas in Series 2 and as a result gave birth to him later on, according to the Series 2.5 commentary Melinda gave birth to him on November 23rd, however Melinda corrected this during the Podcast series and stated that he was born October 9th the same day as Sharon's birthday. In Series 4 Lucas made his first appearance when Melinda brought him over to see Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne in their hotel room in Hawaii in order to cheer Ozzy up. Lucas later appeared being fed by Melinda and watched by Jack, both of which ponder over Melinda having a girl like Kelly, they both agree that would be very bad.

Lucas was mentioned in the Podcast with his birth date revealed to be October 9th as opposed to the 2.5 commentary. Lucas, as of the Podcast series, is now a teenager and according to his own mother is a bit of a "nerd" although a very good child.

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