"Then we have Lulu, she grunts a lot, she's got very big, she looks like a seal. "
— Sharon Osbourne

Lola is a dog that is owned by the Osbourne family.

Role in The Osbournes Edit

Lulu is introduced from the very first episode in Series 1. She is described by Sharon Osbourne as "like a seal" due to her being quite fat and grunting. Lulu spends most of the time lying about and being played with by Kelly Osbourne in particular, never getting into trouble.

Lulu's weight became problem, behind the scenes, with Jack claiming her front legs stopped working and having to go to hospital. As revealed during the Commentary of Series 1 and 2, Lulu died during the filming of Series 2. It turns out Lulu had been attacked and killed by a coyote that had jump through the fence attacking both Lulu and Pip (although Pip survived unscathed thanks to Ozzy [1]).

Trivia Edit

  • Lulu is the first Osbourne dog to die and the only Osbourne dog to die during the Series.
  • It is possible that the death of Lulu maybe the result of Ozzy's paranoia over the coyotes.

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