"Maggie whose next in line. Maggie I call "Heroin Sheek""
Sharon Osbourne

Maggie is a dog that is owned by the Osbourne family. Maggie is considered the "next in line" in terms of the pet hierarchy,to the point only Minnie and Maggie ever go with Sharon during tours. Maggie, next to Lola is Ozzy's favourite dog.

Role in the Osbournes Edit

Maggie is introduced from the very first episode in Series 1. Maggie appears alongside Ozzy most of the time and is one of the only pets house trained. There is a running gag with Maggie this is when Maggie is on the sofa with Ozzy, she tends to "kiss" Ozzy on the lips who in turn kisses her on the lips/tongue. Maggie, along with Minnie appear with the Osbournes as they go on tours around the America or the world, Ozzy often sleeps on the tour bus' and planes with Maggie in the bed. Like most of the pets, Maggie appears mainly in the background and away from the the centre of attention from Series 1 onwards.