"My name is Michael and I hired as the security for the Osbournes, hired to watch Ozzy Osbourne and Mrs Sharon Osbourne house, I walk around a perimeters, I walk outside I check the whole house, the doors, back rooms, kitchen. Make sure everything's okay."
— Michael

Michael is the security guard of the Osbourne residence and is responsible for protecting the Osbourne family.

Role in the Osbournes Edit

Michael is given a special role, being introduced in the first ever episode of The Osbournes where he greets Sharon Osbourne and discusses his role in the household. Michael is seen as a fan of Ozzy Osbourne by the fact that he owns a Ozzy T-shirt, he also a close friend of the Osbourne family as seen when he plays pool and talks to the children. Michael later joins Ozzy in watching The Tonight Show where he watches Ozzy's "live" performance on the show.

Michael makes odd appearances here and there through the first series but by the Christmas special he made another major role. As Ozzy was out doing his concert, Michael and his young son came onto the Osbourne presence despite it not being a day he works, later Michael and his son are caught supposedly stealing from the neighbors while wearing one of Ozzy's T-shirts. Michael is arrested, he returns to Sharon and claims that he wasn't stealing anything but was threatened by the neighbors. In the bonus section of the DVD it is revealed that Michael was collecting a check with his son, with the help of Melinda when police arrested him, though it turned out it was a case of mistaken identity as Michael was released soon after. Despite not being fired, Michael makes no appearances outside of Series 1 for unknown circumstances, this is confirmed in the commentary by Sharon and Jack Osbourne who claim he never came back.