"In my old house I use to live next to Pat Boone, people think Pat Boone was nice, I must confess I was in a category for worst neighbor, and he really is nice, living next door to the Osbournes, rocks go through the window and cats go flying out the door and he never complained once!"
Ozzy Osbourne

Pat Boone is an American singer, composer, actor, writer, television personality, motivational speaker, and spokesman. He was a successful pop singer in the United States during the 1950s and early 1960s. He sold over 45 million records, had 38 top-40 hits, and appeared in more than 12 Hollywood films. He was a neighbor of the Obourne family.

Role in The Osbournes Edit

Pat doesn't make a physical appearance in the show but his rendition of Crazy Train is used in the opening for the show.

Pat was originally the Osbourne family neighbour, though never seen he is mentioned by Ozzy, Sharon and Jack Osbourne as a "brilliant" neighbour and "the best" they ever had, in contrast to their new noisy neighbour. The Osbournes claim that they were noisy but Pat never complained once about it and was always smiling away.

Trivia Edit

  • Pat Boone claims to have seen every episode of The Osbournes.
  • Pat Boone also claimed that he enjoyed being neighbours to the Osbournes with some nervous moments. [1]

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