Puss was a cat that was owned by the Osbourne family. Puss was the Osbourne family's first cat, until they ended up getting more.

Role in The Osbournes Edit

Puss was the only animal in the household that is toilet trained as she has her own litterbox. Puss isn't given as much attention as some of the other pets and is usually the only pet to behave itself. Puss was originally the only cat in the household until in Bark at the Moon when Sharon and Kelly Osbourne brought two new cats. Eventually more cats came and Puss was no longer the alpha.

In Series 2, along with other cats, Puss disappeared and was presumed taken by the noisy neighbours or as Ozzy believes eaten by Coyotes. Puss is referenced in series 3 by Ozzy who points at photos of the animals saying that they're dead.