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"I didn't think about all the cameras, never really bothered me, I was just there in the background."
— Robert in the "Newborn" featurette

Robert is the adopted family member of the Osbourne family and very good friends with Kelly Osbourne whom he has known since high school.

Role in The Osbournes

Robert has a very minor role in the show, being in the background and rarely saying anything. He is the only one of the Osbourne family members to not be blood related and is the only sensible one of the lot, never getting into trouble and living a more or less normal life. Nonetheless he is classed as one of the main cast members.

Newborn Featurette

On The Osbournes/ The First series DVD special features section we find out about Robert's story. He live with his mother, a single parent, who had Robert when she was a teenager herself. Unfortunately, Reagan was diagnosed with cancer which put huge strains on Robert's life. Sharon Osbourne was very good friends with Reagan and promised to look after him if anything happened, as a result Robert met the Osbourne family, first meeting Aimee Osbourne. At school he became friends with Kelly, but shown no romantic interest in her. Robert started staying with the Osbournes as Sharon tried to get his mother the best medical care she can afford, but unfortunately Reagan died. And incredibly distraught Robert was soon adopted by Sharon as part of the family, he even received a family stone. Despite this minor screen time, Robert continued to be more or less in the background with no major moments even in episodes where he was alone with another.