"This fucking bird's gone into a fucking seizure. We've got an alcoholic fucking bird!"
— Ozzy Osbourne

The unknown bird appears only in Must Come Down in Series 2 of The Osbournes.

Role in The Osbournes Edit

According to the commentary the bird was given to the family as a gift, however the bird was still young and had no mother to look after it. The bird stayed at Malibu with Ozzy on his travels. During a talk with Tony Dennis the bird started making noises which triggered Ozzy to go and feed it, Ozzy believes the bird is a parrot but it obviously wasn't. Ozzy tries to feed the bird with his hand but the bird starts to spasm, Ozzy then puts food in his mouth and put the bird's head in his mouth to eat the food in his mouth. According to the commentary the bird later died a few days later, Kelly believed Ozzy fed it to death, however Sharon denies these claims and says that the Vet had confirmed that the bird was taken from its mother too young and therefore failed to adapt and died as a result.