Wontyoubemyneighbour bonus footage

These are the bonus footage/deleted scenes from The Osbournes episode Won't you be my Neighbor, these are featured on The Osbournes/ The First series DVD.

Bonus Footage Edit

Anthrax for the NeighborsEdit

Anthrax for the Neighbors

They plan to send anthrax to the neighbors

This scene is an extended cut from the scene in the actual episode that depicts Jack, Sharon Osbourne and Sarah on the bed talking about how they will deal with the neighbors. Jack suggests mailing them anthrax like what was happening to the US government at the time. Sharon wants to yell at them but soon sees Jack with a gun and wishes he would go up to them with the gun. They then talk about Ozzy Osbourne and why he's unhappy with the chart positioning, Sharon blames Celine Dion and goes as far as to say she has a pact with the devil.

Neighbor Battle rages onEdit

Dill and jack

Jack and Dill attempt to bring peace

This footage shows Ozzy attacking the neighbors, he grabs a piece of wood and attempts to light it on fire in preparation to set the house on fire. Ozzy fails to to so and instead starts attacking the neighbors with food, he almost trips over scaring Sharon. Jack and Sharon plan to get a BB Gun ready to shoot them with it. Kelly argues that they should just phone the police or get lawyers to do deal with the situation but Jack and Sharon ignore this. Later Jack and Dill go over and try and be reasonable towards the neighbors asking them to be quiet, they ignore and begin to argue with Jack, which continues in the actual episode.

Kelly's Fuck BuckleEdit

Fuck buckle

Kelly's banned Fuck buckle

Kelly is given a "FUCK" belt buckle by her mother, however both Sharon and Ozzy disapproves and takes it away saying it won't be worn outside.

Trivia Edit

  • The second bonus feature shows the actual order of the neighbor battle.